Email & Social Media

Social media has changed the way in which we access, share and edit information. The idea has been there since the dawn of the web but the tools now exits to provide global access. No longer are your consumers passive readers of messages, they can quickly influence opinion locally, nationally and globally.

OES has liberated consumers and increased the power of individual reviews and recommendations with the simple click of a button. People expect to be able to share your content with their networks quickly and easily and they know the tools are there to enable this.

There are two compelling reasons to make emails more social:
SMS Solution Services1. Not everyone wants to buy from you right now, so you need to keep them engaged     with your brand until their purchase desire is ripe

2. Advocates have a strong influence in other people’s purchasing habits so you need     to give your customers the tools to share your content where they want to
OES can help you make emails more social

OES give you advice and guidance on how to let your customers interact with and share your content across their social networks and to join your networks, including:

  • Linking to your blog
  • Providing social bookmarking
  • Showcasing your social profiles from sites like Facebook
  • Including Twitter follow links and static Twitter updates
  • Highlighting your online forum presence.