Looking for a Linux-based Virtual Server?

When you need a server based on a particular OS, providers with multiplatformity come to the rescue. But why would anybody prefer Linux VPS over Windows-based software, and what provider to choose? Let’s discuss it below.

The advantages of Linux

One of the main reasons users may be drawn to this OS is its security. Indeed, VPS that is based on Linux is a more reliable and safer option. Other than that, the key benefits of Linux OS are:

  1. Multiple virtualization platforms support.
  2. Task-based installation that ensures that any language can be installed faster.
  3. Affordability – Linux is free, unlike Windows.
  4. Regular free updates to the system.
  5. Better scalability and more possibilities for optimization and customization.
  6. An active community ready to offer support and advice.

All of the above factors in that Linux VPS plans are getting more and more in demand from experienced users.

Which provider to choose?

There are many companies offering Linux-based VPS, but which one is the best out there? You can try out different ones and see. Although we recommend HostZealot – chances are, you will find everything you need with it and wouldn’t want to switch to another.

This company offers the following perks with each of its Linux VPS tariff plans:

  1. Independent backup storage for all of your data.
  2. KVM-virtualization to play around with different OS distributions and resources.
  3. SSD-Caching for better productivity.
  4. Great technical support at any time of day.
  5. VNC access.
  6. Free IPv6.

And the list goes on. There is a variety of affordable plans you can choose from, starting with the smallest one costing 11 Euros for 3 months, and ending with a plan for huge websites or multiples – for 65 Euros a month. Carefully consider the number of power resources you can get with each one and decide which is best for your needs. And don’t worry – if you’ve miscalculated or your website grew larger you can always upgrade your plan.

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