Paid Search Marketing (Pay Per Click/Google Adwords)

Succeeding in the increasingly-competitive world of paid search marketing takes more than writing catchy ads or owning the top position on Google or other Search Engines.
Paid Search Marketing or Pay Per Click is moving into a whole new dimension, which makes it incredibly exciting for us and our clients. 

Our team has devised a formula which is as yet, almost untapped by other companies, and guarantees our clients optimal success. 

Simply, this formula skillfully achieves a balance between the psychology of potential buyers, Google Quality Score and optimal ROI of our clients.

Traditionally Pay Per Click Consultancies marketed the idea of getting as many clicks as possible for their client companies, and moving them as close to the highest positions as possible.

However the beauty of Pay per Click Advertising is that we can track response of specific keywords and ad texts to the stage of sales conversions.  The long term aim is through this approach to achieve the maximum ROI for our clients.

In many cases this does not mean being in the first three positions, as many people click on these ads first without any intention of buying, and often buy elsewhere depending on the price and nature of the product. 

We set out to achieve the right amount of clicks for our clients, which on a case by case basis will mean varying amounts of clicks.  The central theme is always our clients´ ROI and the integrity of their business.

So what is changing and why are we positioned to help you embrace this?

There are a number of significant changes within the industry, with the first being the altering profile of potential buyers. 

Within a relatively short time frame, the internet buyer has become more highly educated, leading to higher expectations, which in turn lead to split second decisions about whether they trust or mistrust, like or dislike your website or text ads in your campaign.

As we run ongoing studies of these changes, we are in the perfect position to catapult your Internet Marketing into the perfect position.

Alongside this is huge increase in the competitiveness of Pay Per Click advertising, with panics over bidding wars and concerns over the ever changing Quality Scoring System.

The formula which we have developed is finely tuned to anticipate these changes, and manipulate them to our clients´ advantage. The Process

Creative Development – We create highly targeted messages that speak to your target audiences, reinforce your brand and elicit high user response rates

Keyword Discovery – We help you find the keywords that your customers are using to find your products and services online, as well as suggest ideas for terms still untapped by competitors

Landing Page Development
 – We consult on the design of the pages you deliver users to, ensuring that they each deliver on the promise set forth in your ads and provide a clear path to conversion for the user

Bid Management – We work with you from the outset to establish a goals-based bidding strategy, ensuring that your campaign meets and exceeds your ROI expectations

Reporting & Analysis – We provide detailed reports and thorough analysis during each phase of your campaign and make proactive recommendations for improvement.

How You Can Benefit

Easier Campaign Management – You’ll be working with a dedicated partner focused exclusively on your paid search campaign who is able to leverage the built-in efficiencies and unique insights.

Improved ROI – OPTIONS e-solutions comprehensive tracking solutions not only help you save on campaign costs, they produce specific, actionable learning points that can be applied to future campaigns

Better Visibility – Our reports don’t just deliver you piles of data – they provide deeper insight into the performance of your campaign, both short and long-term, ensuring you can build on your successes and alter any underperforming sections of the campaign.