Achieving a high ranking in natural search results isn’t a matter of luck – it’s more of an art.

Natural search optimisation is the technique of modifying your site’s code, content and architecture so that they are easier for both search engines and human users to read. With the right changes, this ongoing process can dramatically increase your site’s ranking in the natural results of spider-based search engines such as Yahoo! and Google. OPTIONS e-solutions is proud to offer our expertise in natural search optimisation as part of our full breadth of search marketing capabilities.

What We Do

  • Site Design Consultation – We work with you to determine initial goals and conduct a technical review of your site’s architecture, content and layout
  • Competitor Analysis – We gather intelligence on your marketplace and search-specific competition and conduct competitive benchmarking
  • Keyword Research – We review and rank your existing terms by popularity, competition, and density and generate targeted keyword suggestions
  • Content Optimisation – We assist with the creation of meta tags, make copywriting and content recommendations and perform URL optimisation
  • Linking – We create and foster partnerships with strategic link providers and manage and update directory submissions of your site
  • SEO Reporting – We deliver monthly and quarterly search engine placement and traffic reports, making enhancements based on your specifications

How You Can Benefit

• Higher Ranking and Easier Detection – Our changes to your site’s individual pages and overall structure will make it easier for search algorithms to gauge your site’s relevancy and for search spiders to navigate and index your site. This adds up to more prominent   placement among natural search results

• More of the Right Traffic – Higher ranking and better visibility mean more of the right customers will be viewing and clicking on your site. When combined with a paid campaign, this additional traffic can help minimise market fluctuations and spread long term campaign costs more evenly

• Better Brand Equity – Our optimisation changes help you establish stronger brand ties in the minds of users, who tend to equate high results in natural search listings with relevancy and credibility. Your appearance on the first page of search results also ensures this prime   real estate is not available to competitors.